We are highly obliged to following people who got together to help us promote, acquire and publish the material you are finding here in this blog. 

You can also help us in this regard by submitting your requests/eBooks via our Facebook Page.


 COMSATS – Islamabad

– Muhammad Ghufran – Shahryar Malik – Abubakar Mehboob – Qasim Javed Butt –

Institute of Space Technology – Islamabad

-Waqas Akbar –

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University – Islamabad

-Mudasar Zaheer – Muddasar Ali –

National University of Science and Technology – Islamabad

AIR University- Islamabad

-Mubashar Zaheer –

Grafton College – Islamabad

-Abuakar – Muhammad Ali Butt – Amar Gulistan –

University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences – Lahore

-Muhammad Nasir




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